WrightClasses was founded in 2005 as a series of essay tutoring classes taught by April during summer breaks from college. That same year, Brian Wright designed a basic essay course which he offered in a distance learning format. Both graduates of Patrick Henry College, they later married and merged curriculum to create an online teaching program geared towards middle school/high school writing.

The initial basic essay course was designed by Brian after seeing how poorly prepared many high school students were upon arrival at rigorous colleges and universities. Some do not even make it past the admissions process due to poor writing samples, and those who are admitted often struggle unnecessarily through classes as they learn to write by trial and error. Even many years into a career, weak writing can damage a person’s credibility and confidence.

It is never too late, however, to learn this life-long skill. The WrightClasses approach is based on two assumptions:

  1. To write well, you must read good writing! Each 8-week class is made up of weekly lectures. Detailed but entertaining, the lectures explain key concepts while drawing upon pertinent and tasteful examples in classic and contemporary literature.
  2. To write well, you need to know what is wrong with your current writing! Every assignment will be carefully read and edited. You will also receive a detailed commentary and suggestions for improvement.

Whether you are interested in creating a sonnet or simply crafting a bibliography, we tailor our teaching approach to your personal goals for writing.


April Wright is the current instructor for WrightClasses. Homeschooled from 1st-12th grade, April has divided her education and time between four main pursuits: writing, art, music, and theater. She has had extensive experience teaching in each of these fields.

A graduate of Patrick Henry College, April received a B.A. in Literature with an emphasis in creative writing. Throughout her college career, she retained strong grades and was repeatedly recognized by PHC professors for her strong writing and editing abilities. Other writing credentials include various freelance publications, a member and researcher for PHC’s NEDA debate team, an independent tutor and writing coach, co-author of a successfully debuted play, A Tale of Two Cities: The Musical. She has also written high school adaptations of Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night in addition to editing on various short scripts.

For fifteen years, April trained as a classical pianist. She was part of the Royal Schools of Music, England, completing all grade levels and receiving her Advanced Certificate in piano performance and the Hedy King Robinson Award for music theory. She taught one full year as a music teacher at Cedar Tree Classical School and continues to take on private students.

In addition to teaching for WrightClasses, April currently runs her own art studio, Imago Custom Artwork. She specializes in custom portrait and illustration-style artwork in graphite, charcoal, and watercolor.  April has taught several art classes, ranging from beginning art to advanced portrait drawing.

In her spare time, April enjoys acting and dance, specifically in musical theater. She has been involved both onstage and backstage in many college and community theater productions at PHC and various theaters in Ohio.  She has served as an acting coach in several productions and directed Patrick Henry College’s first musical.  April also worked as the lead  instructional coach and camp director of Patrick Henry College’s Teen Leadership Drama Camp for four years. Recently, she taught at a homeschooling co-op as the drama teacher for 2014 spring semester.

Finally, she is a proud United States Marine Corps wife and is just beginning the homeschooling adventure with her own two boys.